Communication Skills

One Day Training Workshop

Jan 12

Training Approach:

Many organizations spend plenty of time and money on their employees to excel in communication, Therefore it is important for an organization to have such a well mannered and having good employees with good communication skills and use these skills in achieving targets in the work place. Participants will learn:
• How to get excellent communication skills
• Body language in communication
• Emphasize on how to better communicate in the work place with colleagues, managers and clients

Workshop Outline:

• Introduction
• Definition of Communication
• Non Verbal Communication
• Interpreting Eye Movements
• Body Language
• Pragmatic Awareness
• Effective Listening
• Communication Styles ( Passive / Aggressive / Assertive)
• Assertiveness Techniques ( Factual / Empathic /Consequent /Divergent/ Expressive / Responsive)
• Barriers to Good Communication
• Multiple Intelligence
• What is conflict?
• Actions that causes work place conflict
• Ways to avoid conflict at work
• Team communication using the” Johari Model”
• Why Team Briefing & Feedback?

Date: 12 Jan 2019

Duration: One Day workshop

Location: Triumph Hotel, Heliopolis

Fees: 1,200 EGP

Early bird 950 EGP  (To enjoy early bird discount, you have to pay before Jan 4, 2019)

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