Finance for Non-Finance

2 Days Training Workshop

Oct  24 , 25

Training Overview:

Business performance is mainly measured by financial results. Financial Planning, Cost Management and Financial performance measures are among the most important aspects for any Manager, Director or Business leader.

Finance for non-Finance Training will help company owners, leaders and Executive to have the Finance knowledge they need in order to plan effectively, evaluate the business efficient and be able to read and use financial reports which finally help in gear up the Business and hit superior performance.

Training Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Financial Statements
  • How to use Financial Statements
  • Reading Financial Statements
  • Importance of Costing
    • Cost Management
    • Standard Cost and its importance
    • Cost/Volume/Profit (CVP)
    • Breakeven Point
  • Pricing strategies
  • Types of Margin
  • Projects evaluation and types of return
  • Financial Planning
    • Annual Financial Future Plan
    • Capital Budget
    • Top Level Planning
    • Financial Scenarios
    • Financial Ratios
    • Performance measures and Variance analysis
    • Monitoring

Date: Oct  24 , 25  2018

Duration: 2 Days workshop

Location: Triumph Hotel, Heliopolis


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