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 Human Resources Essentials 


The Human Resources Essentials workshop provides an overview of key HR responsibilities and practices to help participants effectively approach the challenging HR issues and everyday situations that may face them.

Human Resources Essentials provided insight knowledge, strategies and competencies required of effective HR professionals. This workshop designed to equip participants with knowledge, conceptual as well as practices.



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Customer Relation Management (CRM)


CRM has vital role for any company looking for superior performance and successful expand. This workshop not just for sales and customer service staff but also for all company’s workforce, as they learn how to relate and connect all management and staff effort together in order to serve the client and adding value through all activities within the company.



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Critical and Creative Thinking

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.” (Barbara Januszkiewicz)

This workshop will teach you how to look at problems and situations from a fresh perspective and also will help you to make informed judgments and decisions based on logical, sequential and disciplined process, analyzing, evaluating, and interpreting information

Both Critical and Creative thinking we need to reach solutions for problems we face and take better decisions.



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Finance for Non-Finance

Business performance is mainly measured by financial results. Financial Planning, Cost Management and Financial performance measures are among the most important aspects for any Manager, Director or Business leader.

Finance for non-Finance Training will help company owners, leaders and Executive to have the Finance knowledge they need in order to plan effectively, evaluate the business efficient and be able to read and use financial reports which finally help in gear up the Business and hit superior performance.


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Emotional Intelligence

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Financial Decision Analysis/ Investment Decisions

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Sales planning 

& Targeting

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Performance Appraisal



Positive Thinking

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Advanced Negotiation Skills

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Leadership Development

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Advanced HR Talent Management