Professional Business Writing

Aug 27,28

Professional Business Writing

2 Days Training Workshop

Aug 27 , 28

Workshop Summary and Objectives:

The Business Writing course will teach participants the techniques and standards of business writing as an important means of communication. This workshop is focused on introducing tactics, developing writing skills, avoiding common mistakes and using standard expressions in formal writing.

Workshop Content:

  •  Why business writing?
  • Writing from scratch
  • The Writing Process:
    • Getting started- prewriting techniques & strategies
    • Drafting- the first version
    • Editing and proofreading- the second version
    • Logic edit
      • Layout
      • Grammar
    • Postwriting- the final version
  • Tactics You Should be Aware of:
    • Formal VS Informal Writing
    • British VS American English
  • Grammar and Punctuation for Business Writing:(brief)
  • Polishing the Words
  • Writing Business
  • E-mail, Letters, Memos and Faxes

Date: 27 , 28 Aug 2019

Duration: 2 Days workshop