Increase The Return On Training Investment (ROTI) Webinar

Increasing Return On Training Investment (ROTI) Webinar

This 2-day interactive course has been designed to provide you with key ROTI tools, including an introduction to the most commonly used best-practice approaches.
Moreover, this course examines the methods and processes that support competency-based training in order to train and retain effective talent.


  • Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
    Conduct an effective job analysis interview.
  • Develop a competency model.
  • Write competency-based job profiles.
  • Conduct TNA meetings with employees and managers.
  • Write smart training objectives.
  • Design an effective training plan and evaluate its outcome.
  • Calculate the ROTI (Return on Training Investment) and cost-benefit ratio.


Return On Training Investment (ROTI) Webinar
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