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With our Games Your Event will be a total success

With our Ready-to-Play and Fun Online Escape Games, we enable distributed, remote and hybrid teams worldwide to connect to their teammates.

Your Players will dive deep into exciting stories, solve tricky riddles, and be amazed by awesome 3D graphics (no installation required!).

Our Games are available in multiple languages and can be played instantly by thousands of people. Accompanied by professional Game Hosts, we make sure that your event or activity will be a success.

Sherlock Holmes

In our classical crime game, your players travel back in time to help Sir Sherlock Holmes solve one of his most complex cases.

Sherlock is counting on your teams!

  • 1-6 Players per Team
  • Unlimited Amount of Teams
  • Flexible Duration: 60-90 Minutes
  • Customization & Branding Options
  • Professional Game Hosts
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