Successful Negotiation Skills

Nov. 6, 7

Successful Negotiation Skills

2 Days Training Workshop

Nov. 6, 7

Overview and Objectives:

This workshop will provide you with comfort level to negotiate in any situation.  This workshop will teach participants:

  • How often we all negotiate
  • Benefits of good negotiation skills.
  • Importance of preparing for the negotiation process, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Various negotiation styles and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Strategies for dealing with tough or unfair tactics.
  • Skills in developing alternatives and recognizing options

Training Contents:

Preparing to Negotiate

  • Establish a successful mindset
  • Research the other party
  • Research your best alternative to negotiated agreement WAP, BATNA, WATNA, and ZOPA

Initiating Negotiation

  • Establish Rapport
  • Choose the communication method for negotiation
  • Dealing with Negative Emotions
  • Establish the rules of engagement
  • Establish how negotiation results will be communicated


  • Encourage the other party to issue the first proposal
  • Make the first proposal
  • Counter the offer or proposal
  • Accept the offer or abort negotiations

Following Through

  • Evaluate the success of the negotiation
  • Follow up on the relationship

Date: 6, 7 Nov.

Duration: 2 Days workshop

Location: Triumph Hotel