I Choose Sport Camps

Sports events and their impact

It was proven that sport has great impact on people in many ways, not just physically but as well as mentally. Sport affect people, let them release negative energy, at the same time get new positive energy, new ideas, accept challenges and differences between participants, and other more benefits.

All this can happen only when the sport led by professional trainers/facilitators who have the knowledge and capable to lead this transformation process.

Training Approach

  • We focus on developing specific skills through experiential learning and practical training, with a special emphasis on collaborative tasks, group discussion, videos, role play, etc. This approach helps trainees enjoy, memorize and apply what they learn.
  • Our trainers and facilitators will lead participants to write down action plan for each workshop, so, participants will have to do this action plan in reality which impact positively.

What are our qualifications?

Our team consists of:

  • Councillors
  • Trainers
  • Facilitators

All team members have wide experience in dealing with teenagers and are professional in learning and development solutions especially experiential learning and team games.

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