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Strategic Business Planning 

This workshop aims to provide business leaders and management team with vital insights about the extreme importance of shaping the future of their industry / corporate / subsidiary. Change is inevitable, and those who will not contribute to shaping the coming change will have either to get reshaped to fit in, or to fade away.

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Professional Business Writing 

The Business Writing course will teach participants the techniques and standards of business writing as an important means of communication. This workshop is focused on introducing tactics, developing writing skills, avoiding common mistakes and using standard expressions in formal writing.

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Time Management & Dealing With Multi-Tasks

Considering the speed at which business moves these days, one thing is certain That, inability to manage time effectively will impact in a hard time managing anything else. Yet most people waste precious minutes, hours or even days reacting to what is going on around them.

So, it is important to develop skills that will keep people move forward and accomplish their most important goals.

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How to Appraise - Fairness & Motivational

This performance appraisal workshop designed to give knowledge and practice tips on how to appraise subordinates.

Participants will learn about it, its importance and how to do it fairly as well as they discover how to practice using simple and important tools in appraisal process.

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Sales Planning & Targeting

Sales Planning and targeting is one of the most important aspects for any company, Business leaders and sales managers must do it. Company owners, leaders and Executive and all sales team need to plan for sales objectively, and know how to evaluate the performance financially.

This training increases the opportunities for prosperity and activates a step by step plan for capturing more sales early and often.

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Strengths Based Leadership

Good News, you can be a great leader. However, you will not be as one of the well known leaders as Steve Jobs, Ghandy, Martin Luther King and others.

You can just be a great leader on your own and based on your strengths. Join us this extensive  leadership training.