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Stress Management Strategies

Interested in improving your stress management skills and understanding why this soft skill is so important for your career advancement? We cover it all.


  • How does stress negatively impact your life    today, tomorrow, 10-20 years?
  • Acute & Chronic Stressors.
  • Activation of the Stress Response.

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Sales Management

Managing sales team is probably the most challenging position in any company, and it is require a unique set of skills.

Sales managers need to achieve hard targets of sales, at the same time coaching their teams and motivate them. This workshop will focus on both sales strategies and managing your team.

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HR For Non HR Training

The role and importance of human resource management in an organization

  • What is human resource management and how it relates to the management process
  • Why HRM is important for all managers
  • The human resources responsibilities of line and staff (HR) managers.
  • HRM activities as part of every manager’s job.
  • Evidence-based human resource management.



Talent Review Management

Talent Management is about how to hire, retain, and develop the most talented and skilled employees.

It is vital to manage and keep sufficient internal talented employees inside the organization and prepare potential calibers to be ready for critical roles.

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Professional Business Writing

The Business Writing course will teach participants the techniques and standards of business writing as an important means of communication. This workshop is focused on introducing tactics, developing writing skills, avoiding common mistakes and using standard expressions in formal writing.