Learning and Development

Any employee must have development plan contains two main areas, while managerial and supervisory positions have a third area needs to be developed:

  • Interpersonal & Soft Skills
  • Functional skills (related to specific job)
  • Managerial and Leadership skills (for management and supervisory positions)

The Suggested Program: will fit specific competencies including:

  • Essential skills
  • Advanced skills.
A trainer is pointing at the flip chart which indicates our vision
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Training Methodology

The training approach is completely against instructing,

we focus on developing specific skills through Experiential learning and Interactive training by using:

  • Simulation
  • Games
  • Role play
  • Videos
  • Collaborative tasks
  • Group discussion

This approach helps trainees enjoy, memorize and apply what they learn.

For some topics, we can do it using Team Building themes activities.

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Management and Leadership

These solutions for Managers and Executives to equip them with knowledge and tools of practice

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Interpersonal and Soft Skills

Skills that are reflected in the relationships with others and how a person approaches life and work.

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Technical and Functional Training

We delivers a range of technical workshops and international certificates in specific functions