Managers and supervisors play key roles in any organization. They are responsible for creating a link between higher ups and ِfront-line employees. Managers and Supervisors have a dramatic impact on employee performance and behavior.

♦ Difference between manager and leader

♦ How to be effective manager

♦ What are your responsibilities

♦ What should be your vision.

All Managers/Executives need to be equipped with knowledge and tools of practice.
Here is a list of our managerial solutions

♦ Business Simulation

♦ Finance for non Finance (Managers, Directors, Executives)

♦ Strategic Planning

♦ Leadership (Influence and Inspiration)
♦ Leadership Anatomy

♦ Developing the Leader Within you

♦ Leadership 360
♦ Situational Leadership

♦ Coaching 

♦ Teamwork and Team Building

♦ Change Behavioral Attitude 
♦ Managerial Skills

♦ Performance Management System
♦ PMP Workshop

♦ Coaching for Performance

♦ Networking and Business Relation


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