During the pandemic of COVID-19, It was more important than ever to maintain the learning process going that's why we are  more than ready to make this time fruitful.


Modern workplace learning consider it as a great approach because it’s effective, engaging, and appeals to learners.

Corporates can use it as a stand-alone solution for learning. It can also support and augment longer e Learning courses and even face-to-face learning.

It is widely used especially for the corporate which their team doesn't have much time to attend a full training program.
However, it won't fit for all learning topics.

A single micro-Learning module should tackle one topic that focuses on a single skill as it is not meant to provide a comprehensive or detailed learning experience

It is skills-based training that is delivered in “bite-sized” units that can be quickly completed.

Researchers have proven that micro-learning's targeted also it helps users to absorb, retain & recall information better than longer format training does.

A magnifier glass is placed in front of a cube which indicates micro learning


  • Financial Planning
  • Email Writing
  • Time Management & productivity
  • More Topics available

Employees Engagement

  • Set yourself up to success
  • Working from home etiquette
  • More Topics available

Family Engagement

  • Five languages of love
  • Dealing with stress
  • More Topics available

Options can be delivered through Micro-learning: 

  • Webinars     (up to 100 participants)
  • Awareness Sessions  (12 to 25 participants)
  • Interactive Workshops  (6 to 15 participants)
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