Visual Social Media Engagement Strategies.

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Wednesday May. 17

Visual Social Media Engagement Strategies

2 Hours Online Session

Wednesday, May 17


Social Media Engagement Strategies.

The session is about the effective usage of photographic images on social media. The session will address different types of photos that businesses can use on their social media pages that can grab the attention and increase the engagement on their social media pages. The points that will be discussed are directly related to recent research about the usage of business-related pictures on social media.

Main points to be discussed:

  • Business to understand the role of different pictures on their social media pages.
  • How these pictures can grab the attention and increase engagement of their users/customers
  • What type of pictures that customers engage with more
  • How to apply different techniques to engage with customers that post pictures about their experiences with the business’ services & products.

Date:  Wednesday, May 17

Duration: 2 Hours

Time: 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM (Cairo Time)

Platform: Zoom



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Dr Jaylan Azer, Phd.
Senior Lecturer in Marketing, 
Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Dr Jaylan is Senior Lecturer in Marketing at The University of Glasgow, UK.

Jaylan's current research interest focuses within the services domain on the complementary concepts of actor/customer engagement and value co-creation. Within this domain, Jaylan has a focus on consumer behaviour and its impact in digital contexts, especially social online networks. Jaylan’s research is published in highly ranked academic journals. Her academic interests are complemented by her 15 years of practical experience including senior management roles.

Jaylan has been actively involved in executive training in Social Media Marketing and Customer Relationship Management with leading Scottish, Egyptian and multinational companies from various sectors.

Jaylan holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.