Advanced HR - HR Budget

Aug. 4, 5

Advanced HR - HR Budget

2 Days Training Workshop

Aug. 4, 5 

Workshop Overview:

The most important assets for any business are Human resources (people).
Human Resources Management is one of the vital roles for any company. Planning for human resource is critical and has significant impact on the overall performance of the business.
During this workshop, participants will learn how to prepare their budget efficiently and effectively taking into consideration the company goals, needs and challenges to achieve the company objectives and goals.


Workshop Outlines:

  • Introduction to the Human Resource Management.
  • Best time to start in establishing your budget.
  • Business plans verifications.
  • Verifying Human Resource’s Budget.
  • Presenting Human Resource’s Budget.
  • Controlling the Human Resource’s Budget.
  • Current budget vs. future budget.

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Date:  4, 5 Aug., 2021

Time: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Location: Hotel

Advanced HR – HR Budget