A Logo of i choose that is written with different colors . orange , yellow and green

A character building Program

I choose program is designed to target young people from 11-18 years old. The aim of the course is to guide/help them how to make sound decisions and equip them with useful tools, preparing them for a bright and rewarding future.
It is evident, nowadays, that young people are not only facing a lot of challenges but those challenges are rapidly increasing in intensity and magnitude. Sadly, most young people relay on their pears rather than trusted family members or experienced professional for advise.

As such, LHTC has developed and designed I choose program to shed the light on the following: Needless to say that in our Eastern communities there is a shortage of proper learning resources targeting such an important age group.
We have decided to target the development of the person as a whole (mind and will) which will not only impact the behavior but improve it as well.


Program Objectives:

  • Set dreams and goals for life, and pursue them.
  • Select better choices and make the right decisions.
  • Improve their lives
  • learn about relationships and their impact.
  • Improve social skills
  • Restore Broken relationships
  • Utilize the power of media and technology.
  • Set limits.
  • Mange time and Money efectively and efficiently.
  • Keep away from high risk personality.

Our Solutions:

  • Sports Days and Events
  • Soft Skills for Students and Teenagers
  • Sessions for ( Kids , Teachers and Parents )
  • Sessions and Training ( Teachers and Parents )