A Logo of i choose that is written with different colors . orange , yellow and green

We shed the light on:

Pursue dreams

Set goals for life

Make better choices


Habits & Values

A character building Program

A program especially designed for Schools’ students

With an additional supported Program directed to their teachers and parents

It is evident nowadays that, Generation Z are facing many challenges which are rapidly increasing in intensity and magnitude.

Therefore we are concerned with their personal development as whole; mind, will, and behavior aiming to guide them along their growing path, invest in their characters, and enlarge their potentials to prepare them for a bright rewarding future.

Future preferences

Manage time & money

Social skills

Self & life perceptions

Social media influence

We have different versions, tailored for different age groups of kids and youth

How we do this:


Sports Days / Camps


Soft Skills Workshops


Life Coaching


Physical, Emotional, Sexual Awareness Sessions