Sell By Design

Monday June 14 th (02:30 pm)

Sell By Design

(It's not a new sales training, it's about going to the next level of sales)

Monday June 14 th (02:30 pm)

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From Somersault Innovation:

When sales professions leverage the strategies, tools and mindsets from Design Thinking, they deepen customer rapport, find new opportunities and create breakthrough solutions with their customers.

Liberate your sales team to blow away their numbers! Somersault Innovation helps organizations unleash their creative power to increase revenue by 100% through a process based on the principles of Design Thinking.

A Design Thinking process starts with deeply understanding what people care about, and then using what you learn as your inspiration for innovation.
In the sales process, this means discovering what your customer – and even their customers – cares about, offering new insights and co-creating solutions with your customer.

Date: Monday 14th, 2021

Time: 02:30 pm

Platform: Zoom



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Ashley Welch

Co Founder of SomerSault innovation

Ashley Welch has spent most of her 20-plus- year career in sales working with global companies to inspire collaboration and innovation.

She holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan.
She is the founder and co-leader of TEDxYouth@Wayland to inspire dialogue and understanding within the community.