Advanced HR - Performance Management

Jan. 27,  28

Advanced HR - Performance Management

2 Days Training Workshop

Jan. 27, 28

Workshop Overview:

Performance Management is not an appraisal process, it is a complete management system and ongoing process start with setting standards, ways of monitoring, measuring performance, setting developing and learning plans, and linking all of this with an attractive rewarding system.

A good performance management system works towards the improvement of the overall organizational performance by managing the performances of teams and individuals for ensuring the achievement of the overall organizational ambitions and goals after informing the employees about what we are expecting from them.

Training Outline

  • What is performance management
  • Shifting from performance appraisal to performance management
  • Difference between performance management system and performance appraisal
  • Performance Management Planning
  • Performance Management methodology
  • Smart objectives planning and designing
  • Linking performance with the company goals
  • Setting KPIs and Competencies needed
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Mentor, coach and Leader
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Why it is important to measure the performance
  • Designing the appraisal form
  • Are you ready to do the appraisal?
  • Common mistakes in evaluation
  • Learning and Development plans
  • Why performance management systems fails


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Date: 27, 28 Jan 2020

Duration: Two Days workshop