Advanced HR - Recruitment & Selection

June 19

Advanced HR - Recruitment and Selection

2 Hours Training Workshop

June 19

Workshop Overview:

Hiring the wrong employee can cost you time and money, which hampers your progress. Make a really poor hiring decision, and it may cost you more than that – your customers may start leaving you for good.

Workshop Outlines:

  • Recruitment …. The most important process for the company
  • Job Analysis role
  • Job Competencies related
  • Calculate the cost and preparing package
  • Building your sources of recruitment
  • Headhunting pros & cons
  • Building your pool
  • Screening process
  • How to make a successful interview? And how to overcome barriers.
  • Reference check
  • Obtain needed approvals
  • Negotiations & Offering
  • Induction and Integration

Date: 19 June 2020

Duration: 2 Hours workshop


Platform: Zoom