Conflict Management

2 Days Training Workshop

Dec 22 , 23

Conflict Management:

The aim of conflict management training is to introduce practical conflict resolution techniques and strategies that managers and team leaders can effectively utilize when managing conflict in the workplace


Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives but how we view it and how we deal with it can turn it from being an unpleasant experience into one where we learn and grow. This workshop will help participants to understand how conflict can be positive and will introduce tools and techniques that will assist to effectively deal with conflict situations.

Workshop Contents:

  • Understanding Conflict
    • Understanding causes of conflicts
    • Defining workplace conflict
  • Skills Necessary to resolve Conflicts:
    • Active listening
    • Effective questioning
    • Rapport building
    • Assertive behavior
    • Effective promising
  • Conflict management Resolution Process
    • Identify and clearly define the real problem.
    • Brainstorm solutions.
    • Evaluate the solutions.
    • Choose the best solution.
    • Implement the chosen solution.
    • Choose a follow up date to evaluate.
  • Solution Building and Finding Common Ground
    • Create an effective atmosphere
    • Separate the person from the problem
    • Create mutual understanding
    • Use objective criteria for evaluation
    • Generate options
  • Conflict Resolution using the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument
    • Collaboration/Competition/Compromise/Accommodating/Avoidance
  • Turn complaint into compliment

Date: 22 , 23 Dec 2019

Duration: 2 Days workshop