CS - Phone Etiquette

July 4

CS Phone Etiquette

One Day Training Workshop

July  4

Workshop overview:

Many organizations spend plenty of time and money on their employees to excel in communication, Therefore it is important for an organization to have such a well mannered and having good employees with phone etiquette who can fulfill the need for proper phone etiquette in the work place.

Workshop outline:

  • Introduction - What’s Etiquette?
  • Telephone is one of the necessities of everyday life
  • Common Phone Ethics
  • What does it mean Telephone Etiquette?
  • Active listening
  • The important components of telephone etiquette
  • Preparing to start a call
    • How to start a call
    • Placing the customer on hold
    • Transferring calls
    • Ending the call
  • How to answer a call correctly
  • How to give your voice a “personality”?
  • Art of making Phone calls
  • Questioning techniques and feedback
  • Handling impatient/rude callers
  • Common Complaints of callers
  • The tips of Telephone Etiquette

Date: 4 July 2019

Duration: One Day workshop