Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Sep 18,19

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

2 Days Training Workshop

Sep 18, 19


CRM has vital role for any company looking for superior performance and successful expand.

This workshop not just for sales and customer service staff but also for all company’s workforce, as they learn how to relate and connect all management and staff effort together in order to serve the client and adding value through all activities within the company.

Training Objectives and Contents:

  • Customer Service Concepts and Definitions
    • Define the concept of quality customer service
    • Discuss basics of excellent customer services
    • Explain how to handle difficult customer situations
  • Basic Communication Skills
    • Explain the meaning of communication
    • Define the power of listening
    • The communication process
  • CRM Overview
    • Capturing Leads
    • Storage and analysis of the customers, vendors and partners
    • Internal information (organizational)
  • CRM Ecosystem
    • Operational
    • Collaborative
    • Analytical
  • Customer Life Styles
    • CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)
    • The Pareto Principle states
  • Customer lifetime value
    • Define customer value management (CVM),
    • Understand the difference between customer value and customer satisfaction,
    • describe key CVM concepts and tools, and
    • Measuring quality in the eyes of your clients.
  • Customer relationship overview
    • (Three phases of CRM)
  • Relationship management theory
    • Six important dimensions
  • Portfolio management

Date: 18,19 Sep 2019

Duration: 2 Days workshop


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