Giving and Receiving Feedback

Tuesday, 18 April 2023

2 Hours (FREE of Charge) Micro learning Session

Giving and Receiving Feedback

2 Hours Micro Learning Workshop

18 April 2023


All professionals are trying to get better at what they do. No matter where you work, or what your role, the only way to improve is with feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is a skill that's relevant to every member of an organization.

You will learn how to give and receive high-quality feedback.
Whether it's with peers, managers, colleagues, team members, friends, or family, the same principles apply across the board.
In this course you will learn how to give effective feedback, ask for feedback, and use the responses you receive as a tool to improve personal performance.
These tips will help lead you into a cycle of continuous development, and a growth mindset that can help propel your career and your relationships forward.



  • Getting comfortable asking for feedback
  • Overcoming blind spots
  • Creating a growth mindset
  • Giving effective and unbiased feedback

Benefits to attend:

  • Understand what feedback is.
  • Understand how to give and receive feedback.
  • Understand what to do with feedback.
  • Demonstrate effective questioning techniques.
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships.
  • Increase productivity through constructive feedback.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for anyone.

Whether you are a manager who wants to improve the way you give feedback and receive feedback, or an employee who wants to overcome any barriers you may have in giving and receiving feedback.

Date: Tuesday, 18 April 2023

Duration: 2 Hours Micro Training Session

Time: 08:00-10:00 PM

Platform: Google Meet