Mind Mapping

Nov. 4

Mind Mapping

1 Day Training Workshop

Nov 4

Workshop Summary and Objectives:

Mind Maps help you to learn, organize, and store as much data as you want, and to classify it in natural ways that gives you easy and instant access to it (perfect memory) to whatever you want

  • Our evolving knowledge of our evolving brains.
  • The left and right brains.
  • The brain principle of synergy.
  • The learning principle of repetition.

Workshop Content:

  • What is mind map?
  • Know Brain, Unlock your potential.
  • The ultimate success formula.
  • Mind works, for mental success.

          - Level 1: central idea of your first map

          - Level 2: branches representing your mind thoughts

          - Level 3: association expansion

  • Physical fitness for mental success.
  • Formula, budget, creative planning.

Date: 4 Nov 2019

Duration: 1 Day workshop

Location: Triumph Hotel