How to Appraise

Fairness & Motivational

Dec. 9

How to Appraise – Fairness and Motivational

1 Day Training Workshop

Dec 9

Workshop Overview:

This performance appraisal workshop designed to give knowledge and practice tips on how to appraise subordinates.

Participants will learn about it, its importance and how to do it fairly as well as they discover how to practice using simple and important tools in appraisal process.

Training Content:

  • People is the most important asset
  • Prepare yourself
  • Check Job Description
  • Refer to agreed goals
  • Biases
  • Evaluation form
  • Appraisal of performance Cycle and Planning
  • Evaluation process
  • Key Skills in Appraisal of performance
  • Setting New Goals
  • Outcome of appraisal

Date: 9 Dec 2019

Duration: 1 Day workshop

Location: Triumph Hotel, Heliopolis