Strategic management

2 Days Training Workshop

Nov 20 , 21


Your strategic management identifies which customers your business is targeting, how you will reach them, and how you will convince them to buy from you. It sets out your sales forecasts, allowing you to measure performance and see opportunities to improve.

Ultimately, a successful sales strategy turns your business and marketing plans into profit.

Training Contents:

Operational Segmentation and targeting

  • The issue and the result
  • Why is Targeting critical?
  • Where is segmentation used?
  • What is Operational Segmentation and Targeting?
  • Creating a segment
  • Populate, segment, and validate the segment
  • Target, action plan and execute
  • Monitor and sustain
  • Case study ……

Strategic Selling 

  • How people buy?? AIDA model and promotional matrix
  • Selling skills initial module.
  • The role of sales person
  • Steps of sales calls
  • SMART objectives
  • Pre-call planning – Approacjulh – Motives
  • Social style matrix
  • Management customer expectations and adaptive behavior
  • Personalizing benefits
  • Handling responses
  • Getting commitment / orders and follow up actions / closing commitment
  • Selling styles

Strategic Planning

  • Fundamental Questions to Ask
  • Inclusions of good strategic plan SMART objectives
  • Strategic Planning Model A B C D E model
  • Pre requisites for planning

A:   Assessment model SWOT analysis

B:  Baseline

C:  Components

D: Down to specifics

E:   Evaluate

  • Smart Thoughts to plan report

Date: 20 , 21 Nov 2019

Duration: 2 Days workshop