Leaders Anatomy - Strengths Based Leadership

Dec. 18, 19

Strengths Based Leadership

2 Days Training Workshop

Dec. 18, 19

Leadership Training Overview:


Good News, you can be a great leader. However, you will not be as one of the well known leaders as Steve Jobs, Ghandy, Martin Luther King and others.

You can just be a great leader on your own and based on your strengths. Join us this extensive  leadership training.

Training Contents:

  • Leadership and Gallup meaning
  • The most effective leader
  • The human nature and behavior styles
  • Leadership styles
  • The strengths formula
  • Talents
  • SCARF model
  • True drivers for human social behavior
  • Four dimensions of employee engagement
  • Personal influence
  • Core value and vivid description
  • Global leadership styles …. What best fits you?
  • Create the leader and the role model anatomy
  • Leadership results …..motivation and people

Date: 18, 19  Dec. 2019

Duration: 2 Days workshop

Location: Ramses Hilton Hotel, Cairo