Teamwork – Building Team

July 7,8

Teamwork – Building Team

2 Days Training Workshop

July 7, 8


Teamwork is one of the most vital competencies in most forms of employment and without it companies tend to fail.

Even if you role seems highly independent and you perform most of it remotely or alone, you’ll still need to communicate with others about what you’ve done, and understand why you’re doing it in the context of the organisation as a whole.

Training Contents:

  • Assembling forces: forming a team and establishing team norms
  • Getting started: advantages and disadvantages, recognizing team dynamics
  • Team Structure - Team Shaping Factors
  • Assessing troops (Team SWOT Analysis)
  • The communication Jungle
  • Communication styles and communication framework among a team
  • Listening Skills: aiming for a better teamwork
  • Better questions better results
  • Skills for refining communication
  • It's all about how you say it: verbal Vs. nonverbal communication
  • Let's go to war
  • 5 stages of team development (Forming - Storming - Norming - Performing - Adjourning )
  • Building Trust - Trust/Relationship model (TORI)
  • Personality Styles: dealing with difficult people
  • Developing team action plan

Date: 7, 8 July 2019

Duration: 2 Days workshop