Writing Business Case

Mar 10

Business writing Course

One Day Training Workshop

Mar 30

How to build a business case?

This is a one day training workshop on how to build/write a business case, including writer recommendation. It is often best written last, when you’re clear about your recommended course of actions, and why.

Remember that some decision-makers may only read the executive summary, so you need to make sure that you have included everything relevant.


Training Outlines

  • The sections required for a business case.
  • Style and language.
  • The presentation format.
  • The opportunity cost.
  • The problem/opportunity/need/solution.
  • The market and key segments.
  • Competitive landscape matrix.
  • Competitive positioning.
  • Business model and marketing plan.
  • Financial projection.
  • Funding /budgeting/proceed breakdown.
  • Execution timeline.
  • Business case formats and templates practice.

Date: 30 Mar 2019

Duration: One Day workshop

Location: Conrad Hotel