Excel Advanced

Excel Advanced


This training tailored to focus on the advanced, powerful Excel tools and features that goes beyond the basics and enable learners to go from only editing and formatting sheets to creating their own Advanced calculations and reports instead of working one Previously prepared ones.


  • Mastering Excel most important functions
  • Analyzing Data and Alternative data sets
  • Apply the key Excel functions to prepare data for analysis
  • Apply advanced calculations
  • Create and customize pivot tables to reconcile and analyze accounts efficiently
  • Utilize pivot tables functions and calculations to generate a set of management and business analysis reports
  • Creating Advanced charts and graphics
  • Changing workbook Appearance

Training Methodology:

  • This is hands-on training using laptops. Participants are required to use their laptops equipped with Excel 2013 or higher for the duration of the training.
  • Also, this will allow learners to share any challenges they face in their daily work.

Training Content:


  • Creating workbook from Template
  • Add Header, Footer and Setup Pages
  • Naming group of data
  • Advanced formatting cells
  • Advanced page setup
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Linking to office documents from workbook
  • Creating Advanced Chart and Sparkline’s Protect workbook and worksheet with Password


  • Conditional Formatting
  • Using Data Validation to create drop-down list
  • Filtering and sorting in table with Slicers
  • Finding and correcting error
  • Using watch window tool


  • Analyze data by Pivot table and Pivot chart
  • Using function (Get pivot data)
  • Using Consolidate tool
  • Key functions to prepare data for pivot table reporting
  • Creating and customizing pivot tables
  • Performing calculations within pivot

We can customize the program based on your organizational needs

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