Email Writing Techniques and Etiquette

Email Writing Techniques & Etiquette

4 Hours Online Workshop

Oct. 20

Webinar Overview:

Communication is going to be at the central heart of the covid 19 crisis.
Email is a fast, efficient means of business communication, so how to write both concisely and clearly in a short time becomes urgency.
The course provides the participants with helpful tools for the business setting written communication.
The Email Writing Techniques and Email Etiquette workshop helps you to get acquainted with techniques and standards of technical and business writing as being an important means of communication.
The workshop aims at helping you develop both the skills and language you need to write proper effective business writing and
send the right message.
This workshop focuses on introducing tactics, developing writing skills, using standard expressions in formal writing and avoiding common mistakes.

Training Approach:

The training approach is completely against instructing.
The focus is on developing specific skills through practical training, training the participants on writing your own versions, with a special emphasis on collaborative tasks, case studies, group discussions, hand-out tasks and application.

Workshop Outline:

  • Writing and responding to various types of email correspondence.
  • Dealing with external and internal emails and other forms of business writing.
  • Knowing methods to organize, edit your work and detect errors.
  • Exploring ways to deal with different types of people (audience) when writing.
  • Using a variety of expressions instead of repeating the same expressions every time. For example, what could be said instead of “Hope this e-mails finds you well”?
  • Acknowledging the difference between American and British English and deciding which one to use in business writing.
  • Mastering the Cheesecake technique!
  • Editing common mistakes and ways to avoid them.
  • Learning expressions, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation of business English
  • Looking into formal writing versus informal writing and answering the question whether we can use informal English in business writing or not.
  • Highlighting email etiquette.
  • Covering the 7 Cs.
  • Showing real samples of well-known companies’ email correspondence.

Who can take benefit of this workshop?

People whose work requires communicating through emails.
Business professionals at all levels who wish to write effectively and professionally.


English level required to attend the workshop:

An elementary level of English up is required for this workshop.

Date:  20 Oct. 2020

Duration: 2 Hours per day

Total Duration : 4 Hours

Time: 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Plat Form: Zoom

Registration Fee: