Virtual Training, TOT Program

Virtual Training, TOT Program

10 hours facilitation and 2 hours practice online Training Workshop
Sunday 14 June, 2020


Overview Workshop:

Currently, most of the organizations are using virtual classrooms. So, virtual facilitation is becoming a core competency for trainers and facilitators.
Using virtual tools environment requires unique skills to actively engage audience, creating interaction, and effectively know how to using the virtual platforms settings.
This program will help you to get the necessary skills to deliver and facilitate effective virtual training workshops.
You will learn techniques to engage your participants remotely, and deliver virtual training sessions with high quality.



  • Apply proven tools and techniques to maximize learner engagement and get the best results of virtual learning.
  • Use producer or assistant facilitator support to ensure seamless, stress-free sessions.
  • Manage technical and participant problems that can and will occur.


Who should attend?

  • Facilitators, Trainers, Instructors and lecturers
  • Any candidate among his duty to deliver virtual training or facilitation


Program and contents:
Session 1: Online Audience Engagement.
Session 2: Broadcaster and Co-Facilitator.
Session 3: Material Engagement.
Session 4: Mishap Management.
Session 5: Preparation and Practice.
Session 6: Facilitating a Real Live Session.


Rules and Regulations:
– This program is delivered in a 6 sessions; each session is two-hour practice facilitation.
– Session duration is 120 minutes.
– Session divided into two parts, each 60 minutes and participants will get 10 minutes break in between.
– Session will start 20 minutes a head of class for warm up and check given assignments.
– Participants will have 30 minutes after session for Q&A.
– Using webcam is a must.
– After each session, participants will get questions and tasks to be done.
Session schedule:

20 min before the session for session settings and review

60 min Facilitation

10 min Break

60 min Facilitation

30 Min Q&A


Date:  14 June 2020 (8:00 pm – 11:00 pm)

Duration: 10 hours facilitation and 2 hours practice.

2 Weeks, 3 days/week (Sun/Tue/Thu)

Registration Fee:


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