Increasing Morale

May 27

Increasing Morale

5 Hours  Training Workshop

May 27

Overview and Objectives:

“satisfied employee results satisfied customer”.

In speed and competitive work environment, good morale let employees feel satisfied and happy which help in serving others and do all the effort needed to get the job done at best. While lack of loyalty have negative impact in communication between individuals and their employer and result in decreasing productivity, quality, etc.

So it is one of the most important topics that companies need to invest in and increase among their employees. “People are the most important asset” for any company

At the end of this course, Participant will be able to:

  • Determine the things that affect his/her morale positively and negatively.
  • Take practical steps to maintain high morale in different situations.
  • Raise the morale of those around him in both home and workplace.
  • Overcome obstacles stand against loyalty to work and the surrounding community.
  • Take new actions in his personal life, family and working place.
  • Develop the spirit of belonging in the surrounding environment.

Training Contents:

  • You are important
  • Morale
    • How it is affected.
    • Filters and analyzes.
    • Practical applications to deal with it.
  • Loyalty:
    • Sources of Loyalty
    • My role
    • Team work concept and its effect on morale and loyalty
    • Common obstacles of loyalty and how to overcome.
    • Simulation and Scenarios

Date: 27 May 2019

Duration: 5 Hours Workshop