Magic Slide from Mckinsey Charts

Magic Slide from Mckinsey Charts

2 Days Training Workshop

Nov. 18, 19

Overview & Objectives:

Mckinsey charts and graphs are represented for the first time two decades before for improving the tools of presentation for all information in all industries and fields of life and business.
Before 5 years, Mckinsey had introduced another service by introducing some tools for project management (waterfall charts) and another in the field of data spreading (week, day and annual in charts) and another tool through introducing (magic slide) to give a new breath for power presentation and data visualization for those who are interested in data analysis and analytics and also for those who are responsible to introduce these kind of data for decision makers to help them to track these data and information in a simple and agile way.


In this program, we shall help you to do your own Magic-Slide presentation using Mckinsey charts as a new skill to be added to your skill inventory.

Delivery Methodology:

During this workshop, we will use experiential learning, including:

  • Practice and Case study
  • Using Mckinsey charts
  • Presenting by Mckinsey charts


  • About Mckinsey charts
  • About magic slide
  • Magic slide for story-telling technique
  • Structure of magic slide
  • Colors’ accent message in magic slide
  • The chart formatting and its tools
  • Data-to-Ink ratio
  • Selecting the proper chart to use
  • Dimensional relationship charts
  • Think-cell service as De facto standard
  • Improving slide presentation in charts

Other Related Topics

MS Power BI

MS Power BI

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Mastering using Excel and Power BI to:
  • Transform Data using Power Query Editor
  • Add visuals to build his own report
  • Creating full Report from one or multiple data sources.
  • Determine the required insights for his business

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Data analysis

Figures Talk

Companies in every industry can benefit from quality data analysis. The insights that data analysts bring to an organization are valuable to management who are willing to respond to the findings and better address problems, meet demand and satisfy their customers or clients.

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